Sunday, November 30, 2014

Seven Classic Style Holiday Dresses

Looking for something to channel your inner '50s glam girl this holiday season? Or how about something on the conservative side for your office party but with an added glam touch? Read on! (Although I mention Chi Chi London a lot here, I am in no way associated with them...I just really love them right now!)

1. Chi Chi London £67 (UK) (color available only in the UK)
2. Chi Chi London £75 (UK)/$144 (US)
3. Chi Chi London £67 (UK)/$127 (US)

1. ASOS £45 (UK) /  $85 (US) 
2. Ted Baker £169 (UK) / $325 (US)
3. Chi Chi London £55 (UK) / $104 (US)
4. Chi Chi London  £48 (UK) /  $91 (US)

Classic Style Accessories
 1. ModCloth $45 (US only)  available in black, navy, white and maroon  
 2. Betsey Johnson $129 (US only) available in several colors
3. Tea on the Train $60 (US only)
4. Unique Vintage D'Orsay $60
5. Christian Louboutin £575 (UK) / $895 (US)

1. Chesca £45 (UK Only)
2. Sondra Roberts £61 (UK) / $79 (US)
3. Skinny Dip (Check availability in your country)
4. T & J Designs $68 (US Only)

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  1. Such beautiful picks for the festive season. I am in love with all the Chi Chi London dresses x

    1. Me too! I want them all. :)

  • Thanks for the beautiful gifts that I am in love with!!The Chi Chi dresses are so sweet.

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