Friday, September 12, 2014

Great North Run--in lieu of the TGIF Friday Deals!

This has nothing to do with the Great North Run, but I loved this quote we saw in a restaurant we ate in.
Last Saturday, my boyfriend Luke, my parents and myself headed for the Toon for Bupa's Great North Run. ("The Toon" is a nickname for Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, in case you were wondering!) For me, running is strictly a spectator sport, however Luke was brave enough to sign up and run the 13 miles. He didn't quite beat Mo Farrah's 1 hour and 1 second record, but he did well enough and we are all so proud of him. Luke ran for the charity Mind UK, which works to provide aid to people with mental health issues ranging from depression to dementia. As his grandfather suffered from dementia, Luke honored him on his running top, but unfortunately got called "Grandad" for the whole day. Although it was super crowded and a marathon itself to get the spectators to and from the finish line, it was still a lovely day out!

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  1. So cute! Are you from the North? Just found your blog now and am spending way too much time flicking though haha. Keep up the good work :)

    1. Thanks lady! No, I'm American, we just went up there for the day. xx

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