Pamper Night Collaboration with Simply Be

Simply Be was kind enough to send me some amazing items from their pyjama range back at the beginning of November. I have, unfortunately, been putting off the blog due to some health issues and prioritizing other paid work--but I finally got to photograph and put up these gorgeous pieces! They had been sitting on my dining room table for at least two weeks waiting to be photographed, and I told myself I wasn't going to touch them until they were fully photographed.

I did, however, unwrap the package itself on Instagram Stories and gave my followers a little preview, so make sure you're following me @annascanlon for posts unboxings and everyday life musings.

The range is super cosy and perfect for a long winter's night. The PJs are particularly lovely, and I packed the bottoms and the set for my trip to America for Thanksgiving.

In addition to the PJs, they also sent me two bras (the same ones, one in white and one in black as a girl can never have too many basic undergarments), which are super comfortable (which is all you can ask for when you have big boobs!) and a Rimmel BB cream to try out. As I'm a huge fan of light coverage, this was perfect.

The range is so cute that I had a lot of trouble deciding on the perfect things for me, but I think I did a good job. Click here to shop the range of Pyjamas at Simply Be yourself! They are labeled "plus size," but start at a size 10/12 in some don't be intimidated by it if you're "standard size." I'm still standard size, but able to wear most of their clothing.

Thank you to Simply Be for the loungewear and being so patient with me.

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