Monday, March 31, 2014

Digital Missed Connections and YouTubing

It's not really a secret that I've always wanted to do YouTube videos, but I've always been a bit shy when it comes to doing them. So, I'm challenging myself and actually going to do them for a full year.

You can find my first vlog here:
And you can see the rest of it at

What's going up consists of beauty videos, advice, writing, make-up, general videos and vlogs. I'm trying to rope Luke in to doing a character as we shall see!


And now, bringing you an oldie but goodie in the adventures of online dating. I don't want to be a smug relationshipped person, but I am so glad this doesn't happen anymore, even if it is entertaining.

The major function of this blog is to simply present to you weirdos I encounter online with little to no commentary. After sending most of these crazy posts to friends (and one ex who shares his peculiar online foibles as well...although as a man he seems to get far less of these entertainers) and posting a few on Facebook, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and start a blog. These are far too good not to share with the world. 

As a fairly open person, I think I attract a lot of different types of people (platonic and otherwise). While I find this a mostly positive trait, there are many times when it just gets weird.

Like this guy, who apparently thought insulting a woman in every way possible about sensitive topics was the way to her heart. 

He steps up to the plate and hits a home run without even warming up with this opening line:

Some helpful advice all single girls in their late 20s should hear--especially via a Dating Website.
Followed by a competition where he seemed to be the sole participant:
Then a description of his future wife and why she will never age:

Add some more creative insults about my deplorable appearance: 
An invitation for me to commit suicide because I'm so ugly:
His pièce de résistance:
Oh, but I am so stupid. All of that was just verbal foreplay. He actually just wants to go on a date--with little old me?! Cheeky little sausage.  What a seductive game of verbal chess that was!
Let's take a further look into what makes this witty wordsmith tick:

 It appears last night was his night off from his 6 day a week habit of sleeping with fertile, nubile young women, so you'll have to catch him again next Thursday if you're still single and ready to mingle with this gem of a gentleman (but don't be older than 22!). Although, I did just log onto my account and he seemed to be online tonight....very strange. Two nights free in a row? Must be a terrible dry spell.

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