Sunday, March 30, 2014

Getting Ready for Summer--Collective Haul

Since I'm on a self-imposed clothing ban, I thought I would gather everything I've purchased in the months leading up to summer. I'm not allowed any more clothes until June, when I can get two dresses and one pair of sandals.

Although I'm currently living in the UK, where it never really gets warm, I'm going to be spending two weeks in New York and a month in Poland where I'm sure to be boiling.

Here are some things I've picked up over the last few weeks with a link to their product (if available).

Handbag, H&M. Pretty big for me, but it holds everything and is great for spring! £36

Coat, H&M. £39.99
Lace top, H&M. £14.99
Oversized sunglasses, ASOS. £10
Crochet Shorts, New Look (via ASOS). £11
Linen Shorts, ASOS. £20
Sandals, New Look via ASOS. £10

Dress, River Island. Out of Stock
Bikini, ASOS. Top £10, Bottoms £6
Playsuit, Boohoo. £10 (for a bathing suit coverup)
FTC Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of the parties mentioned.

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