Saturday, July 26, 2014

And Now...a Word from Our Sponspors...

Since I've been away for the past month (and now I'm back, hooray!), I haven't been as focused as I could on promoting my lovely sponsored ladies. Here are some of the highlights from their blogs:

Camis & Cushions
Photo copyright Camis & Cushions
 Laura over at Camis & Cushions recently did an epic Primark haul, which is very helpful since the store doesn't stock its wares online. Laura's post is a great way to take a peek into her personal style and see what Primark has on offer! Click on over to her post or to check it out or more of her posts.

Snowstorm the Blog
Photo copyright Snowstorm the Blog
Alicia of Snowstorm the Blog recently posted some breathtaking photographs of her family that are definitely worth checking out. This adorable snap is of her niece, and one of the baby's first photo shoots. Head on over to her blog to read more about it (and lots of details about Alicia's wedding to her husband Andrew). Click to go to Snowstorm. 
The Sassy Southerner 
Copyright Nicole at The Sassy Southerner
 If you're a travel junkie like I am, you will totally love the latest posts from Nicole over at The Sassy Southerner. She just recently went on a trip to Bavaria, where she showcases some amazing and jaw dropping photographs, particularly the one featured above at Eibsee in Bavaria. Gorgeous. Click here to go visit her.

The Beautyholic Confusion
My most recent sponsor is Shruti over at Beautyholic Confusion. Shruti's blog is fairly new, but she does all sorts of cool stuff like showing us new recipes, portable make-up products and how to shop for less. The two ear jackets above are $1250 and $22 respectively, and Shruti tells you how to get the look for less here. Check her out! 

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  1. Miranda MyrabevJuly 26, 2014 at 10:12 AM

    You just reminded me to do a little thank you post to my sponsors as well, glad you back Anna.

    1. Thanks Miranda! :)

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