Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Clinique Moisture Surge Review

Recently, I've been hearing a lot of people rave about the Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray and the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief.  I don't have a lot of Clinique products, but I have been using their translucent powder for quite some time. I kind of felt neutral on Clinique--it wasn't a brand I naturally gravitated to in the store, but not one I steered clear of.

Since my early 20s, I've had some issues with dehydration lines on my forehead. As you can see in my videos, I scrunch my eyebrows up quite a lot. When my skin gets dehydrated, the fine lines that are beginning to form (they will be my first wrinkles, I'm sure) become very exaggerated and sometimes even red. When I glob on moisturizer, they become almost non-existent and barely noticeable--but this presents a problem. The moisture on my skin breaks me out and then I get zits all over my forehead. Its like that Taylor Swift parody "32" (which I cannot find on YouTube...for the life of me...the girl's name is Elaine!) that goes, "I've got wrinkles and acne at the same time." Basically.

So when I heard about the moisture surge, I decided I would give it a try. However, the spray (which is probably safer in terms of break outs than the cream for me) is a whopping £20 and the cream is £32. Although for higher end make-up, that isn't too expensive, but for a product I wasn't sure I would like, I decided to try out a sample. I ended up finding someone who was selling travel sized ones for £5. I think they are old packaging and probably a sample this person got in a bag of Clinique stuff (or in a Birchbox maybe?). But I purchased it and decided to try it out.

To my delight, it does actually reduce these horrific lines and makes my skin feel a lot softer and fresher. My boyfriend even commented that my face felt really smooth, which is always an encouragement. The lines even feel diminished when I touch them and are not as deep as they have been in the past.

I may not drop the £20 on the whole bottle quite yet...but I may purchase it when I'm in the States. It is about $10 cheaper there and I think really worth it. Or maybe I'll just get another sample you can see I'm sample size mad for traveling!

Is it worth it? If you have issues with dehydration lines and not being able to use moisturizer, then absolutely. If you don't have those problems, then I'd say save your pennies and use a cheaper moisture product.

Do any of you know of any cheaper alternatives, or is this the Holy Grail of face moisture sprays? Moisture sprays seem to completely solve my dehydration issues without giving me acne. WIN.

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  1. I love clinique!! I totally have to try this!!

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