Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lush's Shower Jelly Review

The concept of a shower jelly has been completely foreign to me until about a month ago, when I was given one as part of my birthday present from my housemates.

I first got it out when I was taking a bath during a lupus flare and didn't really understand how it worked. I started poking it, but nothing was coming up, so I stuck my entire finger in it, only to discover that you can't actually separate the product. It was perhaps a bit stupid to not have read anything about it before trying it--but I assumed it would be like any other product...clearly, I was wrong.

Once I turned it over and managed to jimmy it out, it all fell into my hand like The Blob. 

It looks like this in your hand, which kind of reminds me of some kind of childhood a bigger, blobbier version of those sticky hands that you could throw on the wall and play with until they collected every wayward crumb and dirt particle in the house. 

I used it in the bath like this and then used it in the shower. The smell reminds me of something from my childhood I can't quite put my finger on (other reviews have said this as well so it's not just me!)--perhaps those weird smelling cupcake dolls from the late '80s?  The Lush site lists its ingredients as as cherries, bergamot (whatever that is) and blackcurrant (which, I have to be honest, as an American I'm still struggling with the notion of what blackcurrant actually is).

Although it doesn't seem like it is, it does lather up on your skin, although you have to be careful not to drop it or you'll be chasing it like an idiot. If you accidentally break it, you're going to be a little bit screwed. 

Frozen Sweetie Pie
Lush also suggests that you chill the item or even freeze it. I froze it overnight and was surprised to find that the consistency of it is such that it doesn't turn to ice and isn't freezing cold to the touch....which is really interesting. It simply turns a lighter purple color. I put it in the shower after it was frozen and by the time I was ready for a bath, it had already gone soft again. But given the consistency of the frozen shower jelly, it may be just the thing to cool you down on a boiling hot day. It may not be that useful here in the UK, but back in the US, I could see that really coming in handy.

What I didn't like about this item was that it all seemed to fall apart after a while. The jelly went every which way and I had to fish it from the bathtub out multiple times from the shower floor. Trust me, you feel like an idiot when you're searching for small pieces of jelly soap that you literally cannot get a grasp on. And when it starts to go, it's gone. When its in its pure form altogether, it's fine...but once the jelly falls apart, you're losing more and more left and right.

I'm not sure if I'm fully converted to the shower jelly bandwagon. I did sniff Whoosh, their other shower jelly, and found it smelled of Pine-Sol. I wasn't impressed. I may buy the Sweetie Pie again...but probably only for a treat.

FTC: I have no affiliation with Lush. All opinions are my own.


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  1. Julie / It's My PassionsJune 11, 2014 at 8:57 AM

    I love the products from Lush - would love to have them in Denmark :)

    1. I'm surprised you can't get them there!

  • Oh I LOVE Lush!!!!! If it was up to me, I'd buy the whole store. They've turned my hair into something glorious and beautiful.

  • Have to try it! C:

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