Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Week Without Sugar Vlog Part I

This past Wednesday, I embarked on a mission to stop eating sugar for a week. Now, I didn't go completely cold turkey, but I did dramatically cut a lot a lot. 
For all I've written about diet and lupus, I hope my readers will understand the difference in this experiment and eating to cure a disease. I do believe that eating a healthy, balanced diet can help you feel better in mind, body and spirit. What I do not believe is that eating a certain diet (i.e. cutting out particular food groups) will cure an incurable disease. Therein lies the difference! 
My sugar intake has always been high, and with my family history of Type 2 diabetes later in life and my own health problems, I figured I should quite while I was ahead. I was also experiencing a lot of swelling related to lupus and was hoping that this might help me feel a bit better and gain more energy. 
I meant to chronicle this on my YouTube channel like a video diary, but it turned into a bit of a vlog. Stay tuned for the second part of the week (although it may be in three parts since my computer doesn't have a ton of memory).

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