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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bruce Jenner is Becoming a Woman?/Being a Trans Ally/Celebrity Culture

Join me as I discuss Bruce Jenner's possible transition to becoming a woman, a very basic primer into being a trans ally and celebrity culture. I'm wearing a very serious face for a serious topic!

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  1. Hi Anna

    I think this is a great video.

    Deciding to transition is one of the most monumental, life-changing decisions a person can make and I think that everyone should be supportive of transgender people. It must be so hard and traumatic coming to terms with the fact that you were born into the wrong body. It needs to be talked about more so that people can be more accepting of it.

    I didn't know that there was such a thing as a transgender pronoun which shows that there is a lot that I myself need to learn. I'm sure everyone has their own personal reasons for choosing their preferred pronoun but I wonder why some people choose that. As far as I'm concerned, if a man decides to become a woman (or vice versa), as soon as they make that decision, to me, they are a woman and I would think of them that way. Maybe they don't want to deny their former identity completely, the person they were to become who they are today, and the struggle and journey they've made? It would be interesting to hear some perspectives from people who have transitioned, as to be honest I don't know anyone who I know to have transitioned, not even as a casual acquaintance.

    1. Agreed Bluebell! There are a few people who have transitioned who talk about their journey on YouTube...namely Gigi Gorgeous (the most popular). There is also someone called Autumn Asphodel who does videos concerning transitioning. x

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