Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Note About Children of the Most High

Many reviewers have felt that this book does not do justice to the Amish culture because of their own preconceptions of what it means to be Amish. Please remember that all Amish people are different and all sects of Amish are a little bit different from one another. Even if you have read countless Amish fiction, remember that it does not represent every Amish person. The Amish culture, like any culture, is not represented by any one person or practice.

I have even spoken to individuals who say that many Amish people are even unaware of customs and traditions in other Ordnungs or sects.  

Here, I will attempt to answer some of the points reviewers have made:
Amish people can’t possibly wear straight pins to fasten their clothing!
In fact, more conservative Amish do!  Read more here.

Amish people manicure their lawns!
Very conservative Amish people see that as vanity. 

Why would the church trust two teenagers to share a bed together?
The practice is called bundling. More can be read about it here. 

Amish men and women don’t sit together in church:
That is often true, but there are exceptions as some churches allow it. It depends very much on the Ordnung. Rebecca’s church would likely not allow this, but I took a liberty with this one.

Amish people don’t visit doctors:
They do, in fact, visit doctors. Many do not have health insurance, but they may opt to if their job allows for it.


There is NO WAY the police would look the other way in a case to do with Amish people because they are Amish!
Unfortunately, this is untrue and abuse in the Amish community is a very real issue because of this. You can hear about one horrific case here.  

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