Health Update

Warning: I am on pain killers while writing this!

Things have been pretty quiet over here on my blog, and for those of you who enjoy what I have to say, I do apologize.

Basically, I have been having bladder pains for almost two years (this mystery pain I've had, which was disregarded about 13 million times by the NHS) now. I finally sought out a specialist who decided to do actual investigation into it, to diagnose me and do some therapy on it. Unfortunately, I had to pay for a this myself, which is ridiculous, but another side effect of having a chronic illness with the NHS. I know lots of people get very defensive when you mention the NHS, but having a chronic illness is a nightmare when attempting to get treatment, which isn't just my own experience. Lots of people I know have these issues as well.

On Tuesday, I underwent the procedure and it was a lot harder on my body than I thought it would be. I've been running a bit of a fever and am still on pretty strong pain killers...but I guess that's what happens when they stick a blunt instrument and root around in a place that's already sore to begin with.

I've been recovering in a hotel room near where the hospital is, eating vegan room service and ordering vegan food from delivery services. It's nice to get real, quality rest.

Sorry if this was all over the place (and under the influence of pain meds), but it does also kind of explain why my blog has been a bit quiet recently...besides my confusion over blogging in general and where I want to go with the site.

Until next time.

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