Monday, May 5, 2014

Just Second Review (in the US) was having a little Easter sale you could get two items for the price of one (or £17.50 each). Honestly I feel like that is where the true deals with these items lie. Although I am a fan of the shoes and the purses, I'm not sure they are worth more than £17.50. often stocks similar items at around £10 less than Just Fab and aren't a subscription service, so if you see a style you like on JustFab, shopping around is definitely a good idea.

The products are also made in China, which they are very upfront about. Because of that, I'm already wary of the ethics, the actual cost of the item and the quality. However, they did exchange my other shoes that broke, so they do seem to have okay customer service.

Anyway, onto the loot.

I bought this Taj Mahal purse. The top has a very unique closure where one part of the bag goes over the other. It's a great way to make sure your bag is always closed, especially if you're in a city or on holiday and you don't want to get pick pocketed. It also comes with a strap for wearing the bag around your shoulder so you don't get T-Rex arms. I believe at the time of writing this, it is sold out in this color, but it's always worth it to check.
And onto the shoes. They are Ceres in beige and are quite high (I seem to notice this trend with Just-Fab), but with the ankle strap they're pretty easy to walk in. I hope I don't tempt fate and break another pair.
FTC: I have no affiliation with Just Fab or Boohoo

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