Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lavender Oil as Beauty Product/For Recipes

As you may or may not know, I am absolutely obsessed with oils, especially those that you can burn to create an amazing and sweet-smelling atmosphere in your house. Last year, I purchased a little owl oil burner and have been using it for burning oils from Bath and Body Works. But since they don't have Bath and Body Works here, I've had to strike out on my own in finding oils to burn.

Lavender oil can be burned in the home to create a yummy ambiance as well as in your hair (recommended for normal to oily hair). I've not tried it, but I am dying to as I'm already a huge fan of Argan oil in my hair. My hair is prone to grease as well, so I'm hoping the lavender oil can halt it a bit. I've read you can add it to your conditioner and shampoo to make your hair extra silky.

If you're a Francophile, you may recognize that a lot of the soap made in places like Marseille and Provence contains lavender, and thus you can add it to your bath right before bed to help you get a good, relaxing soak. You'll also probably find lavender as a major ingredient in many of your favorite bath or soap shops, if not a full soap or body wash dedicated to it.

This lovely little website I found, Boulder Locavore, also gives you 15 recipes you can use lavender oil in, including spring and summer favorites like mojitos and yummy summer fruit salads.

If you're looking for some suggestions of places to buy lavender oil, Naturily offers 100% natural oil that seems to be a hit with their fans. Although some claim there are added medical benefits, you should always consult a physician before ingesting oil for medical problems. As a fan of Argan oil and fragrance oils, I'm pretty excited about this new find!

FTC: This post was sponsored by Naturily 100% Pure Lavender Oil--all opinions are my own.

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