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Monday, April 28, 2014

Yom HaShoah--Holocaust Memorial Day

Yom HaShoah Memorial at Duke University. Photo credit.
Given what I study, I thought I needed to make a post about Yom HaShoah. As the theme of the pain of genocide being beyond the ability of human language to describe, I will keep this post short and simple.

Today is Yom HaShoah, the day of remembrance of the Holocaust throughout Israel and the world Jewish community. The date was decided upon in order to commemorate the brave young people who risked their lives in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and who refused to go to their deaths willingly. Take a moment to remember the millions, Jew and non, who not only died in the Holocaust but in any senseless and hateful tragedy or genocide. 

Find out more about the heroic Warsaw Ghetto Uprising here.

I believe in the sun
Even when it is not shining
I believe in love
Even when I cannot feel it
I believe in God
Even when He is silent.
-Anonymous Auschwitz Inmate (this poem was scratched into a wall in Auschwitz-Birkeanu)
Flowers in Auschwitz. Photo credit.

Yad Vashem's Remembrance Wall. Photo credit.

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