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Friday, April 25, 2014

The Battle of the Body Scrubs

I used to be a loyal and avid Bath and Body Works kinda girl. My go-to scent since freshman year of college (or perhaps even high school) was Warm Vanilla Sugar. A few years ago, that all changed when I switched over to Twilight Woods and made that my new favorite. And although I'd been living abroad for a couple of years, I still seemed to make it home for the semi-annual sales to stock up before heading back. Nowadays, I'm not so lucky, so I've been embarking on an adventure to find other body scrubs.

I'm kind of new to the whole body scrubs thing (making me just tardy to the party) and started off slowly with the Buffy Body Bar (which I will write about below) and then transitioned into the Twilight Woods Golden Sugar Scrub whilst on a visit to the USA. To be honest, I kind of thought the sugar scrub was the same as a body wash (I know, how do you make it to my age and not actually know that?), but was pleasantly surprised with the results. I decided to continue into the world of body scrubs after being pleased with the results, but not being near a BBW, I needed to come up with a new hometown favorite. Here are my reviews of all of them, including the Twilight Woods.
Twilight Woods from Bath and Body Works
This one has a really nice sweet scent, but it takes a lot to make it work. At $13-$15 a pop, I found that it ran out far too quickly for my liking, but otherwise it did its job and left my skin both soft and with a sweet smelling scent. 
Score: 8/10
Chocomania by The Body Shop
I bought this one while away in Amsterdam because I was looking for a body scrub to take with me on the road. The Body Shop has some great travel sized products, including body scrub, so I picked this one up. Unfortunately, I found the crystals too fine in this mixture and I didn't feel like I got a good exfoliation. And it made a mess in my hotel bathroom.
Buffy Body Butter by Lush
This one is a body butter and exfoliant (is that even a word?) in one and was my the first scrub I tried. It did its job as a body scrub and produced the promised smooth skin, but I found it didn't do well sitting in my soap dish. It kind of just disintegrated into a mess. And those soap tins from Lush? Forget about it. The tin looks disgusting after a couple of weeks if it is stored in a wet place (and duh? Your shower is wet). And although this bar did give me smooth skin, it smelled strangely of mushroom soup. I found I really needed to scrub with something else to get the scent off.
Sugar Crush Body Scrub by Soap & Glory
Now, I'm really enjoying Soap & Glory because it is a specialty item in the US. That being said, this body scrub was not one of my favorites from the line. Like the Bath and Body Works Sugar Scrub, it took a lot to do the job and I went through an entire tub in about a month. And that's a lot of sugar scrub. Also, I'm not a fan of the scent (lime is not my favorite), but I may try another one in the future. I won't be purchasing this one again but will probably do so with another item from the line.

Cocoa Butter Scrub by The Body Shop
Cocoa butter at The Body Shop is my new go-to scent. It's sweet without overpowering and none of that fruity stuff that I so strongly dislike. When I used the scrub, I was pleasantly surprised by how fine the crystals were, but were still able to do the job. A little goes a long way. This one is definitely my favorite. Used in conjunction with the Cocoa Butter Body Butter and my skin is soft and smooth as a baby's bum.

Winner: The Body Shop!!


 FTC DISCLAIMER: Links to the Body Shop are affiliate and I do receive commission for their sales. I have no affiliation with Soap & Glory, Lush or Bath and Body Works. All items have been purchased with my own money and opinions are my own.

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