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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Matzah Week! Toffee Chocolate Matzah

Continuing with the Matzah Week theme is a chocolate covered toffee (caramel) crunch for Passover (or any time really). Like with the other recipes, don't be afraid to try it if you're not Jewish....we don't have the exclusive rights on matzah or Passover.

This is a great little recipe I found over at David and tried it out myself before posting it for you guys. It's super, super easy. The idea of making caramel/toffee intimidated me a little bit, but it's actually one of the easiest parts.

So on to the recipe!

-4 to 6 (although you could do more with the amount of toffee it makes) sheets of Matzah
-1 cup unsalted butter (for Passover you can use margarine or you can also cut down on the butter if you want to keep it a little healthier. I only used about half a cup and still had more than enough)
-1 cup packed brown sugar
-Pinch/dash of sea salt
-1/2 - 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
-1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips (or more if you would like)

Necessary Cooking Utensils
-Aluminum foil
-Baking sheets
-Non-stick baking paper
-Measuring cups/spoons


1. Preheat oven to 190 (Celsius, 375 Fahrenheit)  

2. Cover cooking sheets with foil and then place non-stick baking paper on top. 

3. Place the matzah on the sheets. To fill the whole pan, you can break it up and place it on the sheets.

4. Melt butter in the microwave (for about 1-2 minutes). Pour the butter into the pot and place 1 cup brown sugar in the melted butter. Stir.

5. Turn on the stove and bring the brown sugar/butter mixture to a boil. Let boil for three minutes, stirring the entire time.

6. After three minutes, take off the stove and add your vanilla and salt. Stir again. Pour over the matzah.

7. Turn down the oven to 175 Celsius (350 Fahrenheit). Place matzah inside. Time 15 minutes, but check on it every so often. If the oven is too hot, it can burn. It will boil, that's normal, but just watch it. Take it out if it starts to burn.

8. Measure out your chocolate chips. 

9. Pull matzahs out of the oven and pour on chocolate chips. Let sit for 5 minutes.

10. Spread chocolate chips with a spatula so that the chocolate covers your whole matzah. Add whatever toppings you like. You can do nuts, fresh fruit, whatever your little heart desires.

11. Let cool for a few hours.

12. Once it has cooled for a few hours, place in the fridge for about an hour or two. It will all congeal together in the fridge.

13.  Break the matzah apart and store in an airtight container.

It is delicious!

As a bonus, I tried to do some After Eight mint chocolate matzahs. I didn't have enough chocolate chips so I just melted the After Eights and poured them over two matzahs with this result: 
I think it may work better if you melt chocolate chips and then break apart some After Eights (mint chocolates for the Americans!) and place them on top. Although, the melted After Eights aren't that bad. I've broken them apart so it looks more appetizing.

FTC: I have no affiliation with any brands mentioned. All opinions are my own.

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