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Kringle Candles

Image of candle copyright Kringle Candle Company
If there is one thing I am absolutely obsessed with, it is the Bath & Body Works candle collection. I mean...COME ON. They smell fantastic, especially the fall and winter scents (I can't be bothered with those weird fruity summer ones...soz). 

Since they don't have Bath and Body Works here in the UK (THE NERVE), I've had to resort to smuggling these heavy guys with me in my carry ons whenever I come back from the US. And they're not light. I had my parents mail me one once and it cost like $50. So then I looked at purchasing them on eBay and again, it was like $50. 

I have looked for alternatives here in the UK and Yankee Candles are all right, but damn are they expensive. It seriously bums me out when I'm aware that Bath & Body Works candles smell so delicious and regularly sell for $10 during the sales. It is a cruel and unjust world, y'all.

So when I was in Krakow after my program ended, three of us ladies were just browsing around Kazimierz and I stumbled upon this little candle shop. They sold both Yankee candles and candles from a company called Kringle Candles. I had never heard of them before, but I started smelling everything and was like "WHAT? THESE ARE AMAZING." And the price wasn't outrageous.

They have everything from cinnamon doughnut CIDER to Pancakes and they smell, dare I say, equally as delicious as Bath and Body Works candles. They even have pumpkin candles, which is a rarity here in Europe because Europeans don't really do pumpkin the way we do in America. Because their tumblers are so big, I decided not to purchase one to take back in my luggage, but instead got two wax melts of Cinnamon Doughnut Cider and Brownie Cheesecake. The melts can be placed in a oil burner and will essentially turn to oil and then back to wax.

Brownie Cheesecake Wax Melt

But because I am an idiot, I stuffed the entire melt into the oil burner at once. It clearly states that you need to break it apart, but I went rouge and did this:

And then of course this happened:


All in all, though, I'd say Kringle Candles are amazing and I'm going to be a regular customer quite soon. They ship for free in the UK, which is awesome, and their melts run at £1.50. They are originally an American company, as you can tell by their love of pumpkin spice, but their wide availability in Europe makes them one for me to watch. They also offer scents that Bath & Body Works doesn't (aka a whole line of baked goods) in addition to air fresheners in most scents. If you're a candle lover, you won't regret it.
Kringle Candles US |  Kringle Candles UK/Europe

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  1. I like Yankee candles too, but they're definatley an expensive habit and I find the scent doesn't linger for too long either.

    Will have to check out the Kringle ones- they sound amazing!

    Nomad Notebook

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