5 Tips for Finding Your Style Again After a Long Hiatus of Fashion

In life, sometimes there are times when you just can't be bothered to dress well. I've found that two periods often seem to correspond with these times: having a baby and being ill for long periods of time. Both see changes in your body and both mean that the clothes you were used to wearing just don't quite fit the way they did before. And in both circumstances, sometimes throwing on a pair of sweats and nixing the make-up seems far wiser than actually trying to do any of that crap.

Obviously, many of you know I've been ill for quite sometime. Having endometriosis means having significant belly bloat (two pairs of my pants were completely stretched out to the point that one of them actually fell down while I was taking out the trash).

But since I've had my surgery and am on treatment and don't feel ill as often, I'm challenging myself to start dressing the way I used to and caring more about my appearance. It isn't always easy, but here are some tips I have:

1. Buy some new clothes. This doesn't necessarily mean a huge splurge, maybe even a Target or Primark trip. But get something that actually fits and indulge in a few staple pieces like jeans or new bras.

2. Embrace being uncomfortable. It may feel weird to show off your body or wear clothes like you used to. You may want to be invisible if your body has changed a lot. But challenge yourself and allow yourself to be uncomfortable at least once a week.

3. Buy something you wouldn't wear before. Give your wardrobe an update with a print or cut you would have never been caught dead in before. You're finding a new style, so don't feel like you can't experiment.

4. Don't buy clothes that are too small or force yourself into a wardrobe that doesn't fit anymore. Whether some of your clothes are now too big or too small due to whatever circumstance, don't continue wearing them. Even if you're transitioning so that you're attempting to lose weight, don't throw the clothes out, but don't keep them lying around. If you squeeze yourself into something that doesn't fit, you'll feel worse about yourself and be less inclined dress well in the future.

5. Jeggings and stretchy pants are amazing. Especially if your body is changing. I've never found tight pants or tight non-stretchy jeans to be that comfortable....and even a little painful when I'm having a bout of endo. So I've invested in stretchy pants and jeggings, which can be dressed up with nice shoes and a dressy top. You look the part of being put together, but you feel like you're in you're sweats!

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