The Worst Day--Coping with a Critically Ill Pet

I'm sorry things have been a little quiet over here and on my social media.

If you follow me on social media, you may already know that my beloved dog, Eugene, took a turn for the worse while we were gone visiting family in the United States. I had already been very reluctant to leave him as he was having problems collapsing--which I now know had to do with his heart being pretty weak.

Last Monday, we left him with one of Luke's friends who is also a vet nurse. I kissed him goodbye with tears in my eyes and we were off to America. We got lots of updates from her saying he was doing fine and settling in well.

Then, this Monday, I got a text saying he was having trouble breathing and had been taken into the hospital. Frantically, I called the vet, to find that he was in heart failure and was sitting in a doggie oxygen tank on diuretics. Knowing how attached he is to me and how he always cuddles against me at the vet, I knew he was so, so scared. I spent the whole day with my phone at my side, waiting for more news and doing lots of Farrah-style ugly crying.

We were due to come home on Tuesday, and by then, he was out of the oxygen chamber and discharged from dog intensive care to regular dog care. They reported he had gone to the bathroom outside and was eating. We arrived back in the UK Wednesday morning, where the vet told me he would probably get to come home in the afternoon. Having been so concerned about him, we wanted to rush to him immediately, but they told us they wanted to do some tests.

Finally, around 7:30pm that night, we were told we could come collect him. He had suffered from heart failure on both sides of his heart and had almost a pint of fluid drained from his chest and lungs. He came back with a huge bag full of medication and was pretty doped up from everything he was on.

We're attempting to keep him quiet for the next week until he can get a recheck at the vet, giving him several pills a day. He's very tired, but acting a bit more of himself...especially when there is food involved.

Although he's only 9, we don't know how long we will have with him now. If he does extremely well, 2-3 years. If he takes a turn for the worse again and the meds stop working, 3-6 months. At any rate, we will continue to treasure him as much as we can!

He got his Pawsome Box (which had some really cool stuff in it) the day we (and he) arrived home, which was a huge help in getting him back and adjusted. He's now snoozing comfortably under his blanket.

Sorry for the lack of responses and other content this week. Back to regular stuff next week...and maybe even a video. Oooooh!

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