Tips for Dealing with Aging Pets and National Pet Show Giveaway

Photo by Rael Photography

When you first get a pet, the last thing you think about is them getting old. With your new little fluffy ball of energy, it is actually almost impossible to imagine that this little creature is going to eventually slow down and decline.

Eugene (pictured left in the above photos) is now 9 and I've had him since he was a rambunctious teenage dog of a year. But in the past few weeks, he's started to show signs of his age, mainly his back legs giving way every now and then. The vet can't really figure out why, so he's on bed rest for a bit and seems to be doing better. And while this may just been a bump in the road for him, it could be signalling the beginning of his senior years. After lots of tears and stress, here's my advice for myself as Eugene ages:

1. Be a comfort to him

He loves to be around his people. So in these next few years, I will be around him as much as I can. I will take him anywhere with me I am allowed.

2. Be present

You never know how long you have with someone, pets included. I want to enjoy all the time I have with him.

3. Spoil him, but not too much

Give him treats and sticks every day, but not too many. Spoil him, but not to the point of making him ill.

4. Be vigilant of his pain

Know when to take him to the vet. Money is nothing compared to his comfort level.

5. Pet him as much as possible

6. Don't force him to do things if he doesn't want to do them

At this age, he probably is telling me he doesn't feel well rather than just being stubborn.

7. Be thankful for him

I don't know if I believe in any kind of divine providence, but I do know Eugene and I have been and will continue to be a great support to one another. I am continually thank for him entering my life, even though a lot of people said having him wasn't a good idea since I've moved around a lot.

What are your top tips for dealing with your aging pet?


On a lighter note, I'm offering a giveaway in conjunction with The National Pet Show for pets and people of all ages.

From their press release:

Get up-close and personal to hundreds of different animals, from small furry creatures in the Burgess Small Furries Zone to aquatic wonders in the Fluval Aquatics Area, feathered friends in the Fluval Animal Zone, handsome stable yard members and exotic species, and not forgetting your favourite felines and four-legged friends in the popular Hill’s Cat and Royal Canin Dog Zones. 

Receive top tips and free pet care advice from a host of leading experts including trusted vets, nurses, trainers, behaviourists, breeders, animal associations and charities. Whether you own a pet already, or are deciding which one would best fit in with your lifestyle, find out all you need to know about your favourite animal and learn about each type of pet. 

Don’t leave empty handed, hit the aisles and shop ‘til you drop with stylish accessories, tasty treats and the latest gadgets on offer for your cherished pet. Witness must-see spectacles starring amazing animal action! 

The National Pet Show offers a weekend filled with an action-packed line up of features including the hilariously entertaining ‘Duck Herding’, back by popular demand, dog agility displays and much more.

If that sounds up your street, enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Entrants must be 18 to enter, 13 with parents' permission.
Winner has two weeks to claim tickets before they are released to someone else.

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  1. I adopted a 10 yr old King Charles last year - and I certainly spoil him! Your tips are spot on. I think my tip would be to make sure you are making time to do the things he really enjoys, be it a walk in the park or tummy tickles. As those memories of him bouncing around or looking so content are going to be very much cherished and what makes you look back and smile when the going gets tough.

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