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If you're American and you don't know what Jamberry nails are, then you've been asleep at the wheel on your Facebook feed since it is guaranteed that at least three people you knew in high school sell them. If you're British and unsure of them, I give you a pass as they are just about to debut in the UK.

Since so many people I've known have started selling these wraps since I moved to the UK, I've always been curious about trying them. As you guys know, I'll do anything to have chip free, no-hassle manis and pedis. So when a  Jamberry consultant on Facebook named Christine wanted to send some for free to women in the UK, I said I would love to have a chance to try some out. Regardless of my feelings for the product, I have to say thank you to Christine for sending them out

They arrived whilst we were away in the US. After a few stressful days with my dog's health and major jetlag, I decided I might give them a try. I was sent a random pack, so they weren't really my style, but I really wanted to see what the fuss was about.

Firstly, it does take a while to get the hang of putting the nails on. The first one I did looked horrendous and took much longer than the "quick mani" Jamberry promised. But I stuck with it. I kept doing the recommended task of applying heat from a blow dryer and pressure until they "bonded." As I kept going, they started to look much better, though I do have to admit that it is difficult getting the tops to look round and on the same "wavelength" as your nail.

But just as I thought I might actually be liking this Jamberry thing, after all of the heat (and basically burning my fingers) and pressure, they still weren't bonding to my nails very well--despite them being clean beforehand. Since Jamberry gives you so many wraps in one kit, I tried to pull one off to see how difficult it would be to remove. To my surprise, it peeled right off like a sticker. Then, the next one, then the next one. I tried it again by cleaning a test nail with acetone beforehand, even though that wasn't in the instructions. It worked a little bit better but still didn't stick in a way that I'd imagine they'd actually last.

It is possible that I did it wrong, but I did follow the instructions to a T, even looking them up online. They were cute, but how are you meant to do daily activities if they're ready to peel off so quickly and easily? And although a quick manicure was promised, it took me over half an hour just to get one hand done...and even then wraps didn't bond well. I'd be open to trying them again just to make sure (since they have so many cute designs!), but all in all, it seems like it's not going to work out. Reviews online seem to be very mixed, with lots of people in my camp.

Unfortunately, my "jams" went straight in the bin afterward, as I just don't see them being a practical addition to my life. They're $15 a pop in the US and I can only imagine they'll be in the £10-£18 range in the UK. For five minutes of wear, I think I'll pass.

Photo above from the official Jamberry site. I elected not to show you mine as I had already peeled them off before I wrote the review! 

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  1. I have had a sample, as they are currently sending them out as a promotional thing, mine lasted a week and a half. It took a bit of practice and my second hand, despite using my opposite hand, turned out better then the first hand.

    Rumor is price is the same (£15) only in pounds.

    I would, like you, be able to try out a set that I actually liked. The sample is a random mix of designs and colours.

    I have heard mixed things like your story and ones like mine. It will be interesting to see how they do over here?

    1. Agreed! Perhaps it has something to do with the nail type? It seems like 50% of people are wildly successful and 50% of people have an epic fail like me. I would like them to work as they are pretty cute (well the more neutral patterns, I'm not sure I want to walk around looking like an Easter egg all year).

  • I love my Jamberry. I wish I could give you some tips but I'm not sure what ended up working for me. The first two times I tried them they peeled after really easily, but after awhile they stuck much better. There are also certain "types" - glitter, satin, matte, etc., and I've noticed certain ones adhere better to my nails than others.

    1. That could be the issue! Which ones do you find bind best?

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