Eugene's National Pet Month Goodies!

April is national pet month and Ocean Loans was sweet enough to send me £50 to splash out on Eugene! When they first offered this to me, I honestly wasn't sure if he was going to make it, but the doctors are now more worried about his eyes than his heart, which is an amazing sign. He's done so well, and of course deserved a big reward for his time in the hospital.

He does need to be groomed, which he gets done in a couple of weeks, but he's a totally new dog. And I couldn't be more thankful (even if my wallet is a lot lighter!).

So what did Eugene get? Well, he previously was gifted a gorgeous bed from Joules, which I dumbly put in the dryer, meaning that I melted the bottom by accident, but it was still usable. However, Euge went straight from his doggie babysitter to the hospital where we picked him up. Since she went on to Asia for a long vacation, we still haven't gotten his bed, so I thought, why not splash out on a new one that isn't melted on the bottom?!

Joules now has a new type of bed so that the bottom is cloth, meaning you can't melt it the way I did. Eugene took a couple of days to warm to the new bed, but now he's in love with it (though we couldn't get him in it to pose, of course). In the bed is my childhood teddy bear that I brought back from America, as he always tried to take it when he lived there. He's been incredibly grateful for it and has been sleeping on top of it every night.

Thank you so much to Ocean Loan for allowing Eugene this special treat, especially in the wake of all of his vet bills!

If you're interested, Eugene got this bed in a Medium, which fits him perfectly. He's about 9-10kg, or just over 20lbs for reference!

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  1. Eugene has the best face ever hahaha. Little cutie.
    I think I have mentioned it to you before but would Eugene be interested i being part of my #FleabagFriday series?
    I can happily email you over my info pack about it. Just get in touch via my bog or twitter @teainthetub
    Thanks :D

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