Sunday, July 13, 2014

First Day in Warsaw

This may be the first time that I am writing a travel post whilst not "intoxicated" on a sleeping pill, although I am very, very tired. My posts are planned ahead, so I am writing this a few days before it will go up--but the day I wrote this I woke up at 5AM, where our whole group caught a 6:23AM train before heading to Warsaw to arrive around 9:45AM. That didn't mean we got to rest though...we ended up having a FULL DAY of activities that went until 7PM at night. Fellowships are no joke, people. But I do have to say that I am very impressed with how well I am holding up despite lupus. It won't win this time! muahah.

Anyway, I have already visited Warsaw before when I came here to see a friend in 2011. It was really cold, so I did a lot of running from one place to another without a lot of seeing the city. So, here I am, on a tour with a Holocaust "bent" which allows me to see exactly what I was looking for originally.

After arriving in Warsaw (and a little sleep, in which I dreamed I was supposed to tour the city on roller blades), we went to the Warsaw Uprising Museum, which tells the story of the Warsaw Uprising (which is not to be confused with the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising). I had been to this museum before, but there were new things that I had either not seen earlier or had been installed since I had visited. The outside courtyard (where I hadn't been previously), featured pictures of daily life during the Uprising and on the opposite walls, art featuring the Uprising by modern Polish artists.

A modern poster celebrating females in the Uprising
The museum itself is very experiential and is decorated almost like a theatre set; something that is a common theme we've been seeing in Poland. Below are just a few other things I saw there:

Children's drawings of the Uprising
After that, we walked around Warsaw for a bit (and were VERY tired), but saw some of the beautiful recreations of the city (the city itself was destroyed almost completely in WWII, so pretty much everything is a recreation).

Old Town Warsaw

Old Town Warsaw

Memorial to those who fought in the Warsaw Uprising...I really wanted that woman in my picture....

Old Town


Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the remains of the King's Palace

Polish President's Office
Until next time!

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  1. Nice! I'll be visiting Warsaw next month for the first time and I'm so looking forward to visiting all of the wonderful museums (like the one you mentioned above) I've heard so much about. Wandering around a city when you're that tired can be rough.... I'd definitely prefer a later start so I don't feel like napping but when you're with a bunch of other people, I understand there's not much choice in the matter :)

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