Saturday, July 12, 2014

Miranda Kerr Collection--Who Knew?!

When I think of celebrity inspired "lines" of anything, I think of horribly tacky perfume or subpar clothing lines made of incredibly cheap material. Whenever a celebrity comes out with anything, I'm pretty much the last one to rush to it, even if I like the person. Okay, I do admit to liking Jessica Simpson shoes, but that is a one-off!

Recently, I heard Miranda Kerr was doing a teacup and saucer line, I thought, "Great...another crappily made celeb endorsement." However, I eventually checked it out and fell absolutely in love.

Living in the UK, you can't underestimate a good cup of tea, or the right dishes to serve them on. Before I got here, I kind of thought the obsession with tea was a joke--or at the very least a stereotype. But it is neither...their love of tea is very, very real. So Miranda Kerr jumped on the band wagon to create this gorgeous (if not really expensive) line of tea cups, teapots and saucers with Royal Albert. I'm drooling. I think they are adorably cute and feminine without being overly dowdy and grannyish. But at £25 per cup and saucer, they aren't cheap. However, window shopping is free, isn't it?

Shop the collection here...but reach deep into those pockets, ladies!

FTC: I have no affiliation with Royal Albert.

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  1. The Girl who Loved to WriteJuly 12, 2014 at 12:14 PM

    Those are some beautiful prints!

    1. Right? I think they are gorgeous.

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